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Issue One - Guilty Pleasures

The Submissive by Tara Sue Me

Learn to love yourself

How does the thought of having your picture taken naked, or even in your underwear make you feel? Nervous? Scared? Embarrassed?

Whether you’re a fan of the current trend for erotic fiction (Tara Sue Me’s The Submissive is currently top of our list, and the inspiration for this feature), the relationship between sensuality and empowerment of women is an interesting one.

After all, most women have a complex relationship with their own bodies, and learning to look at it uncritically takes more than a bit of positive thinking.

Survey results released last month show that more then half the women in the UK hate the sight of their naked body. A quarter of those surveyed even refuse to have a full-length mirror in the house because they don’t like what they see.

This is something photographer Christa Meola knows too well. The author of The Art of Boudoir Photography: How to Create Stunning Photographs of Women, Christa’s mission is to help women look and feel beautiful by helping to cultivate their sex appeal

Whether she’s working with Breast Cancer survivors post-mastectomy, or helping young women find the positive in the body she’s on a mission to help women adore their bodies.

We could all do with a bit of that medicine, in this issue we give our five tips for falling back in love with your own body…

Tara Sue Me
For fans of E. L. James and Sylvia Day. Before there was the fan fiction that became FIFTY SHADES OF GREY, there was The Submissive Trilogy… THE SUBMISSIVE is the first in Tara Sue Me’s seductive and scandalous trilogy that has enthralled millions and inspired a genre…
Abby King has a secret fantasy. New York knows Nathaniel West as the brilliant and handsome CEO of West Industries, but Abby knows he’s more: a sexy and skilled dominant that is looking for a new submissive. Yearning to experience a world of pleasure beyond her simple life as a librarian, Abby offers herself to Nathaniel, to fulfill her most hidden desires. After only one weekend with the Master, Abby knows she needs more, and fully submits to Nathaniel’s terms. But despite the pleasure he takes in Abby’s willing spirit, the Nathaniel hidden behind the rules remains cold and distant. As Abby falls deeper into his tantalizing world of power and passion, she fears that Nathaniel’s heart may be beyond her reach – and that her own might be beyond saving…